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Gacy and Gacy’s friends were often obliged to fight for their own visions. Their need for freedom and personal fulfillment can sometimes lead them onto unconventional and revolutionary paths.
A typical accessory for dark creatures is the retro pocket watch

The style displayed by this gothic style is close to gothic and dark alternative look. This chain pocket watch is the go-to accessory to incorporate into an outfit that represents this reactionary character.

Flip-top case with Victorian symbol, leaving a partial view of the golden gears of the internal mechanism,
Typical dark gothic style deep black,
A belt slide adds a touch of nuance to its retro-punk look.
technical details :

For men only,
Style: Dark Cyber Gothic, suitable for rebellious characters such as adventurers or adventurers,
Movement: mechanical manual winding (typical steampunk technology),
Material: stainless steel (strong and durable),
Case dimensions: diameter 4.7 cm, thickness 1.5 cm,
Chain size: 37cm long (pocket chain),
Display: Analog,
Attentive details.
The Dark Cybergoth Pocket Watch is an iconic timepiece to blend into your vintage wardrobe. Also discover our complete collection of Dark Cyber Gothic watches, timeless accessories that are a symbol of elegance and sophistication.

Dark cybergoths express their creativity by wearing futuristic retro accessories. Explore all our products and fully experience your obsession with dark cybergoth and retro fashion.

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